A little guy named Micah lived at home with his mother. She did all the cooking, cleaned up after him, and washed his shorts. He was spoiled rotten. He could do no wrong. One day, he took all her silver and hid it in his sock drawer in anticipation that someday people would wear socks. She loved her silver and went ballistic when suddenly she couldn’t find it. She looked all through the living room, under the beds, in the attic, in her panty drawer, everywhere. Then Micah said to her, “You know all that thousands of dollars [it might have been called shekels] of silver you been looking for? Well, I took it!” Typical doting mother she was, she said, “Bless your little ol’ heart.” Both of them giggled their rear-ends off, and he returned the money to her. Since she did what was right in her own eyes, she had an idol carved for him and plated it with silver. By that time, the little guy had all kinds of idols all over his room. She even made a brand-new ephod (look it up) for him. Wasn’t that sweet?

Well, one day a priest came through that part of the country and told Micah that he needed a place to live. Micah said, “Mercy me! You can stay right here. My mom does all the cleaning and laundry. Hey, man, I got it good. She’ll give you cheese and crackers, even asparagus soup every day, a new suit and underwear, room and board.” So as Micah’s personal priest, the little priest-guy with lily white hands made a Faustian bargain. Micah yelled from the rooftop, “I know the Lord will bless me now because I have a genuine priest working for me!” It just so happened that shortly after, chaos occurred. Micah and all his people, including the priest who had cheese and crackers and asparagus soup every day, were slaughtered by the men of Dan.


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