Sinking Sand/Solid Rock – An Anthology #16 Epilogue

Monterey Pebble Beach

Continuing on for 50 Years…

Now, as I look out over the 18th green from the 19th hole at the Carmel Country Club with the Pacific Ocean breeze wafting across my face, enchanting waves are kissing the shore humming a soothing lullaby of eternity, beckoning long lost hurts, anger, insecurities, inferiorities and sins – ah yes, memories!  All of those noxious and pernicious negativities of childhood, and acidic experiences of life are barely visible through the fog of time.  They’ve been cast into the sea of God’s forgetfulness. (Micah 7:19)  Sinking sand is no more.  The Solid Rock is forever!  

There is no exuberant urgency to achieve.  No fervent excitement.  No dancing through the tulips.  No fluttering around trying to be accepted.  Just as Daddy and Harold rescued me out of the quicksand in the Rio Grande River, I have been elevated to that marvelous privilege of associating with amazing people from all walks of life who have added color, intellectual stimulation and growth to my life.  Many have brought hope and help. Others have lifted me with love. 

Most of us have been the beneficiary of many who have enhanced and lifted us to new heights of joy and love, having a significant influence on our life.   A very few have had a powerful impact, enough to change us.  Only One has given us life and life more abundantly.  Only One has the power to transform us.  He is The Solid Rock! 

Daddy resigned this church of life on February 17, 1968 and Mama, as she had always done, followed him on December 21, 1991.  They both reside in that parsonage in the sky; it no longer belongs to someone else.  It’s not on a dirt road.  It’s on a street of gold.  They own it.  Jesus, the Son of the Living God, paid for it and handed it over to them free of all restrictions.  No mortgage.  He lives there, too.

“Let not your heart be troubled:

Ye believe in God, believe also in me.

In my Father’s house are many mansions:

If it were not so, I would have told you.

I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepared a place for you,

I will come again,

And receive you unto myself;

That where I am,

There ye may be also.”

John 14:1-3

I’m going there and Jesus said I could own my own parsonage, too.  It’s not located on a dirt road; it has gold just like Mama and Daddy.  I won’t be required to pay back the down payment.  The purchase was made without a mortgage.  It’s built on The Solid Rock!  He built it.  He promised it.  I believe Him!  And …

“When the toils of life are over

And we lay our armor down,

And we bid farewell to earth with all its cares,

We shall meet and greet our loved ones,

And our Christ we then shall crown

In the new Jerusalem.”






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