YOU’RE HUMAN. YOU BEG, YOU CRY, YOU PLEAD WITH GOD FOR RELIEF. Yes, you are flesh and blood and that’s why you hurt. Did you know that you are allowed to question? Go ahead, talk to Him. Ask Him. He wants to hear from you. I did. Oh my goodness! Waywayway down deep in my soul somewhere, He spoke. I had two kids who needed food; had no money, nothing! Our duplex rent was only paid until the end of the month and then we would be homeless. I applied for unemployment and the bureaucrat said, “No.”  I can’t describe the laceration of soul that Satan superimposed on me.  I could almost hear the demons of hell laughing, tantalizing me, making fun. It was more like toxic poison injected into the veins of my heart. Perhaps you have been there.  On Wednesday the banker for the church called me to meet with him and a client. The client owned 78 Skilled Nursing Facilities plus-plus-plus. The story is too long to detail here. The Lord God of Heaven opened the door. I became this very wealthy man’s executive assistant!

“In this world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” – Jesus

John 16:33

“I praise God for his word. I trust God, so I am not afraid.”

Psalms 56:4



“No one understands like Jesus;

He’s a Friend beyond compare.

Meet Him at the throne of mercy;

He is waiting for you there.

“No one understands like Jesus

When the days are dark and grim.

No one is so near, so dear as Jesus;

Cast Your every care on Him.

“No understands like Jesus;

Every woe He sees and feels.

Tenderly He whispers comfort,

And the broken heart He heals.

“No one understands like Jesus

When the foes of life assail.

You should never be discouraged;

Jesus cares and will not fail.”

(John W. Peterson)

One thought on “When You Hurt

  1. Marshall,

    Thank you so much for your words for hope and inspiration.

    I am normally a good sleeper but last night I “stewed” half the night over our little great grandson and the appointment I have with his school today. I feel I have some negative observations about his 5th grade teacher and her inconsistency with me—and likely her students that I need to voice.

    Your mini sermon brought tears to my eyes but my heart feels more peaceful. Much of the night I attempted to turn this meeting over to the Lord but when I laid it down I immediately “tinkered” with it. I realize it sometimes helps to plan ahead what you are going to say but I do want to be Christlike.

    This meeting at the principals will be today at about 2:30 your time. I would appreciate your prayers. This is a Christian school and the principal is one of those verse quoting super spiritual types who might have the ability to make you look sinful if you disagree with her or say anything negative!

    At one of our previous meetings the principal had said that perhaps we should put Tanner in public school because they didn’t have the financial resources to provide counseling of special treatment. This meeting was when Tanner was just out of the first grade and now he is in fifth grade. Marshall, I have been generous with the school—several thousand a year in donations in addition to the tuition. If this comes up I know I will be tempted to throw that out there and I am not sure if the Lord will be pleased if I do!

    I need wisdom and peace and to leave it in the Lord’s hands. The reminder of your hard times makes my problem seem so small and yet I know the Lord will work it for good if I just trust him to give me the right words.

    You are in my prayers daily as you are struggling with your wife’s sickness and the treatment that I know makes my little fussing small by comparison.

    God Bless,


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