The Sting of Betrayal | Write It On My Heart

Unbelievable! Did you hear about that guy who suspected his wife had betrayed him by committing adultery? He brought her to the priest. There was no proof. The husband was simply jealous and suspicious. Nevertheless, the woman was required to unbind her hair and let it drop to the floor—and so forth and so on. The priest had some specially prepared water-stuff that the wife was required to drink. If she was truly guilty, the water would turn bitter, her body would swell, and her thighs rot. Furthermore, she would be a curse among her people. If innocent, she would be unharmed and get pregnant. He’p us ’n’ bless us! All this is in Numbers 5:11–31.

When a person betrays another, there is always a price to pay! Do you remember Delilah? Of course you do! Everybody knows Delilah. We love to highlight the bad girls in history’s memory. Even Tom Jones remembered her. We remember her as seductive, dainty, and personality plus. After all, she was so hot she attracted the most sought-after man in the kingdom—Samson! He was a Nazirite, didn’t drink old or new wine (I don’t know the difference), strong, and a bodybuilder.

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