Prayer ain’t CHEAP!

WITH A SNIFF OF DISDAIN, there are those who say if God can’t give me this or that, why should I believe. 

Our relationship to God is not a cheap “name-it-and-claim-it” exercise as you send moolah to that TV GUY (or gal) selfishly hoping to stick money in your own pocket. Prayer is not a fun-time giggle shouting  “gimme-gimme-gimme” to a celestial Santa Claus descending with his sleigh of goodies pulled by red nosed angels. 

TRUST AND OBEY MEANS WHEN THERE IS NO ANSWER IN SIGHT you tie a knot and continue to hold on!Paul and Silas faith-prayed and sang praises to God while confined in an underground dungeon. Suddenly a shaking of the earth opened their prison door. 

Elijah in I Kings 18 challenged king Ahab about  producing rain. He sent his servant out to look seven times to look, and on the seventh time the servant reported, “there is only a little cloud the size of a man’s hand.” Believing, Elijah shouted, “Save your confederate money boys ‘cuz da South’s gonna rise a-gin.” [ really? no.) But indeed he warned king Ahab to get ready because rain was on the way! (because of a small cloud the size of a man’s hand? YES!!)  BELIEF! TRUST! OBEDIENCE!

“ … he is faithful,” i.e, trustworthy ….
I John 1:9