No prrroblema (a little Spanish lingo for your enjoyment).  But c’mon now.  This happyhappy mind set is like the (P.T.) Barnum or Forer Effect, like Pollyanna.  Pollyanna, Barnum, Forer, positive thinking, you can do it yourself philosophy … the happyhappy life, the give me your money for seeds and you’ll be healthy, wealthy and wise; all this was actually used by charlatans.  This may be called subjective validation. They say you will never have to worry about sickness because all you need to do is just go to one of those big healing campaigns and whoever it is will heal you. Oh, and BTW, your heart will never hurt.  That being the case, no one would ever die.

The book, Pollyanna, was written back in 1913 [the same year the 16th Amendment was ratified – INCOME TAXES] by Eleanor H. Porter and became a popular children’s book.  Pollyanna has become a derisive term for someone who always has an “optimistic outlook: a subconscious bias toward the positive.”

Theoretically, all you need do, they say, is to think positive and your problems will dissipate.  You’ll never have a “Job” experience; that’s JOB, the man, not a job.  You’ll never fail at anything [or if you do, just think positive; be happy-happy].

Do you remember that comic strip by Charles Shultz, Peanuts?  Charlie was saying, “I’ll never make it. I’ll be a failure.”  Lucy says to him, “Charlie, think positive!”  Charlie answers back, “OK.   I. WILL. fail!”  I presume one could think positive about failing – I wouldn’t recommend it.  But I have known those who just couldn’t bring themselves to face reality – it wouldn’t be spiritual.

Did you know that the Pollyanna, Barnum, Forer Effect has been associated with New Ageism, astrology, fortune telling, graphology and sorcery?

Am I saying that faith is of no effect?  Absolutely not!  Am I saying that positive thinking is of the devil?  Not on your life!  Are you supposed to walk around with a rain cloud over your head?  You gotta be kidding!  Sour, negative, down in the dumps? No way!  But if you think you can do it yourself without the hand of God in your life, I guarantee that some time or in some way you’ll be jerked back to reality with your little positive attitude wrapped around your little positive neck.

Maybe this is a good time for you to open your Bible and read about the human experience.  It is the oldest history book known to man.  Do you think Eve suffered when one of her sons murdered her other son?  Was Joseph thinking positive when his brothers dumped him in a pit?  Was Job happy-happy when he lost everything he had worked so hard for and wound up with revolting sores all over his body?  The Psalmist cried,  “People make fun of me and hate me.” (Psalms 22:6 (ncv))   Do you think he just snapped his fingers and sang, “O what a beautiful morning?”  No way Jose’.

In my book, “Write it on My Heart,” I mention that from the time I was about 19 years of age it is provable I read approximately one (1) self-help book every month.  I mean everything from “Think and Grow Rich” to “The Power of Positive Thinking,” from “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” to “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”  I even read some of those saccharine sweet religious books authored by preachers who never had the experience of suffering, that is until they lost their kingdom in scandal and/or bankruptcy.   I attended seminars out the yingyang conducted by those guys who collected $500.00 with glee.  I even spoke at a bunch of those seminars myself from hither to yon collecting half of the $500.00.  I went home healthy, wealthy and wiser.  If the person speaking or leading the seminar had a certain esteem or charisma, or was perceived to be (pseudo) successful, he could say “!” and the attendees were more likely to accept what was said and jump up and down shouting “Whoopee!”  Hence, the “power of positive thinking” acceptance.

My friend, “positive thinking” without Christ is like a shadow without substance, a shell without the kernel, a brain without a mind!  If you want positive, try this:

“My enemies will retreat when I call to you for help. This I know: God is on my side! I PRAISE God for what he has promised; yes, I PRAISE the Lord for what he has promised. I TRUST in God, so why should I be afraid?”
Psalms 56:9-11 (nlt)

“I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST because he gives me strength.”
Philippians 4:13 (ncv)