The Gossiper

A lady went to her priest and said, “I need forgiveness because I have been an awful gossiper in my village.” The priest said, “OK. I want you to pluck all the feathers off of a chicken and bring them back to me.” She did as instructed, went back to the priest and asked if she could be forgiven. The priest told her, “Not yet.  Take the feathers and throw them on the door step of everyone you gossiped against.” She did as instructed and went back to the Priest. “Now can I be forgiven?” 

Priest: “I have one more thing I want you to do.  Go back to the village, place all feathers in the bag and bring them back to me.” She cried out, “But that is impossible. They have all blown to the four winds.”

The priest sat quietly while she wept. 

Could it be that a person who gossips about a sinner is worse off than the one who committed the sin? Who knows – maybe comme ci, comme ça